Linha completa portáteis e embarcados

Industrial Computers
and Rugged Mobility.

IP 68 Protection and MIL-810-G certification.

Vehicle and Forklifts

Complete solution for logistics and warehouses.

Vehicle Diagnostics
for Automakers.

Efficiency for programming, diagnostics and maintenance
of vehicles in assembly line.

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Hi Resolution Displays
for Medical Applications

High technology to meet the requirements of the medical industry.

Military Use

Portable equipment certified for military use
for field operations.

Network communication and embedded computing
for transportation.

EN-50155 certification.

Vehicle and Forklifts

Complete solution for logistics and warehouses.

Bridge Meter
Remote IIOT.

Industrial IOT Monitoring
Compatible with SCADA Systems

ITS Communications

Industrial IOT Complete

Predictive Analysis
for Remote Applications.

Maintenance Costs

Stainless Steel HMIs

Severe use in hazardous areas.


Also available in service model


Strength and reliability
with Bridge Meter

PTT IP Radio
Over Data

Unlimited real-time peer-to-peer
or group communication.

Our Solutions

Industrial Communication Sales

With great expertise in the selection, quality control, equipment specification and technologies, Above-Net is highly competitive
in its solutions, ensuring reliability and technical excellence at the best price.

Solutions as Services

Above-Net also offers solutions as services, including equipment, connectivity, and software solutions so your company can focus on its
core business and we will take care of the rest,

Click here for more details on the SaaS model


Robust Industrial Network Communication Solutions for Critical and High Performance Applications.


Rugged Equipment for Mobile Applications with Resistance and Durability, Variety of Operating Systems and Interfaces.

Industrial Computers

Industrial and embedded computers for critical applications with high strength and reliability.

IIOT Monitoring and Communication

Complete Industrial IOT solution compatible with sensors, PLCs, vehicles, engines and mobile devices.

No matter how complex the problem is,
we have the solution for your business!

Technical support by engineers with extensive experience in industrial networking, communication, mobility, software and automation applications.


Robust Tablets in Forklifts

Customer with industrial and agricultural warehouses installs robust tablets on forklifts with WMS...

Traffic Lights Remote Communication

Remote Communication Solution for Traffic Light Controllers

Ring Network for Distribution Center

Ring Network Application for Refrigerator Distribution Center   

Water and Sewage Monitoring

Bridge Meter connects remote sanitation business equipment


Over our +20 years of experience, we have participated in medium and large projects in various segments and areas.
These are some of the more than 800 clients that helped us build our history:
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