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13.3" IP65 Tablet Windows, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS

Tela 13.3" com 1920 x 1080 amplo ângulo visão
Estrutura em liga Magnésio com borracha protetora
Design térmico sem ventilação
Certificado norma MIL-STD-810G militar
Resistente IP65 à prova d'água e poeira
Sistema de reposição de bateria hot swap
Design ultra robusto: Anti-choque, vibração, e queda
Tecnologia Optical Bonding para leitura sob sol

The new 13.3" M133W rugged, mobile tablet. The elegant, yet fully rugged M133W offers the larger screen size of laptop in a tablet form factor for increased visibility and computing in demanding environments such as automotive manufacturing and vehicle diagnostics. Weighing less than a laptop at 5.3 pounds (approx. 2.4 Kilograms), the M133W delivers lightweight mobility in a rugged tablet. It is also equipped with a hot-swappable battery for uninterrupted operation, and features robust data capture with 1D/2D barcode scanner or Smart card reader on the side Option Port location. On top of the Barcode scanner and Smart card reader, another HF RFID reader can also be optioned-in on the front of the tablet independently. Protected against water, extreme temperatures, shock and dust, the M133W offers a highly durable solution, enabling its use in even the most challenging environments.

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