Solution as a Service

Investment Reduction + Cost Reduction + Higher Availability

New technological solutions are presented to the market on a daily basis, making it difficult and costly to update the equipment of companies, whether small, medium, or large. This difficulty makes equipment leasing an excellent option.

In line with market trends, Above-Net also makes its line of equipment available in the lease model (IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service), guaranteeing customers a reduction in initial investment, high availability, greater control of the contracted solutions, and tax facilities, financial and administrative.

Below are some of the equipment available in the solution model.

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Smartphones RobustosAbove-Net
Above-Net & Winmate
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High Availability

Equipment is always available and spare equipment is provided during preventive and corrective maintenance.

Maintenance Cost Included

Preventive and corrective maintenance, support and technical assistance at no additional cost throughout the duration of the contract.

Continuous Technological Update

Equipment updated according to technological developments, guaranteeing the performance and efficiency of the contracted solutions.

Customization and Flexibility

Flexibility in contract changes and application resizing, generating speed and efficiency in replacing and renewing equipment.

Capital Disbursement Reduction

There is no need for initial investment (CAPEX) to preserve resources for investments in core activities.

Efficiency and Tax Savings

Quick solution implementation, tax simplification, and reduction of tax expenses for companies opting for Real Profit regime.

Sale x Lease/Solution

Below is a brief comparison between the sale and lease/solution models.
INVESTMENT High investment and accelerated reduction in the value of equipment. In one year, average drop of 50% of the original purchase price There is no initial investment (CAPEX), preserving capital for investments in your core business
SUPPORT A local specialized team or equipment maintenance contract is required Maintenance, support and technical assistance at no additional cost
AVAILABILITY Offline operation while sent for repair or purchasing spare equipment Immediate equipment replacement in case of failure
AGILITY Prompt delivery and fast implementation Depends on internal approvals for purchase and delivery times
FLEXIBILITY Resizing may require a new purchasing process and have high costs. Flexibility in contract changes and application resizing
TAX EFICIENCY When adding support, replacement and management costs, annual expenses can reach 150% of the amount initially invested Reduction of up to 43% in expenses with leasing the taxable profit base for companies opting for Real Profit
OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Constant inventory management Tax simplification in the administration of the tech park

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