Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and Monitoring Cloud Solution

Bridgemeter is the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) cloud solution developed by Above-net. With a modern and innovative design, the Bridgemeter solution is capable of connecting to any device or sensors allowing easy monitoring, and fast data collection. The user can program intelligent rules for problem prediction and automatic data analysis even from remote locations.


The platform can receive information from equipments, PLCs (Programmable Logic Computers), digital or analog sensors, engines, trucks and even light vehicles as well as cameras, tablets and smartphones and generate real-time alarms.


The network manager can add intelligent combined rules that triggers alarms and notification actions recommendations in dashboards, by email or SMS. The system can also perform remote activation of devices through a relay on Above-Net's own IIoT gateway provided with the service.


For each monitored device, Bridgemeter shows a dashboard with customized analog or digital displays, historical data, alarms, trends, graphics and even export information to spreadsheets.


Bridgemeter is the only product on the market capable of integrating different types of equipment of multiple generations offering geo referencing, and integrated emergency/maintenance field service workflow application for a full real-time automated support decision operation.


Bridgemeter works as a cloud supervisory and is an excellent solution for projects where the implementation of a Scada system or PLCs is cost-prohibitive.


For applications where a supervisory system is already in place, Bridgemeter connects to the SCADA system transparently, transmitting information from equipment and field sensors in real-time, enabling the expansion of measurements points without the need to purchase new PLCs.

How it Works

Bridgemeter works on the Web, Android or IOS platform and offers full remote control and monitoring of your company's equipment.

Above-Net has successful industrial IoT (Internet of Things) monitoring cases in the following areas:

  • Remote monitoring of industrial boilers;
  • Monitoring of industrial machinery and equipment;
  • Monitoring agribusiness equipment;
  • Remote monitoring of lifts for water and sewage treatment;
  • Remote monitoring of effluent treatment plants;
  • Remote monitoring of traffic signals;
  • Remote monitoring of train and locomotive brake systems;
  • Monitoring of Hospital Infrastructure and Clinical Engineering;
  • Monitoring of refrigerators and cold chain;
  • Gas chain monitoring;
  • Monitoring of switchboards and electrical panels.

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Configurable Web interface

Full Monitoring App

Alarms and Notifications

Main Features

Analog or Digital Inputs

Above-Net RTU M2M equipment has a native interface for analog sensors 4~20 mA or 0~5 V, digital sensors, temperature and humidity H/T, differentiated input for energy monitoring, output for relay with remote command and output 12VDC for peripheral power.

Native PLCs Connection

Bridgemeter IoT supports and integrates PLCs of all generations regardless of connection type or technology, providing transparency and compatibility in an industrial monitoring network.


IT OT Turnkey Layer Solution

Bridgemeter covers all layers from Integration, Communication, Information, Functionalities and Business, natively and completely integrating the collaborative infrastructure for digital transformation in SaaS.


Portable Devices

Bridgemeter IoT monitors and locates portable equipment by managing field staff regarding location, management of communication interfaces and usage, as well as installation of unauthorized applications.

Vehicle and Engine Telemetry

Compatible with a series of engines and equipment on the market, Bridgemeter IoT receives and processes telemetry information in real time. Load temperature control, mobile power generation or driving mode are some examples for optimization and cost reduction.


Remote Equipment Control

Through Above-Net M2M RTUs, the Bridgemeter IOT offers remote control of equipment and can be configured for manual or automatic online or offline mode.

Automated CBM Triggering

Bridgemeter IoT detects combined conditions of equipment operation degradation and triggers a real-time prescriptive maintenance plan to correct the problem immediately.

Push-to-Talk Communication

The Bridgemeter IoT offers integrated PTT (Push to Talk) communication and real-time location of the field team with monitored equipment, sensors and vehicles, providing an integrated dispatch center.


Reduction of
Team Displacement

The Bridgemeter IoT enables remote monitoring eliminating unnecessary calls from field staff.


The Operations Center and responsible ones receive alarms and notifications of problems in real-time, anticipating problems.

Operation Safety

By monitoring security parameters, Bridgemeter IoT can effectively protect a plant or high value-added equipment.

Low Operational

Bridgemeter IoT has low operational and deployment costs and can be installed in hundreds of points providing access to your company's customers.

Real-Time Predictive Analysis

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