Bridge Manager

There is a great demand for system and equipment remote monitoring in the industrial, transport and energy sectors. These applications require 24x7 monitoring of devices located in places without local Internet infrastructure.

There are some ways to connect remote points at an extremely low cost nowadays but still the the easiest and simplest way to make this communication viable is through a modem or cellular router.

The router is may be installed at the remote location with a SIM CARD from any cellular company. From that moment on, all the remote devices attached to the router will be able to access the Internet.

However, the reverse way is not possible in a trivial way, that is, any software connected to the Internet on the other side would not be able to find the address of this cellular router on the network without the aid of another system capable of bridging the supervisory control and the remote equipment.

Therefor, it is impossible to manage a network efficiently, securely and guarantee the SLA required by the customer working on remote monitoring for Industrial applications.

Above-Net developed the Bridge Manager, capable of connecting and managing the supervisory system and the remote equipment as if it were a bridge between the two points.


Unlimited Device Management

Robust system allows to control and manage the connection of an unlimited number of remote and field monitored equipment.

Secure Bridge Connection

Transparent, fast and secure connection with end-to-end encryption, secure access via certified SSL and user control.

Remote Equipment Control

Update firmware and equipment configuration with real-time indicator of process status and confirmation.

Solution for Remote IP Addressing

Solves dynamic IP addressing problems of cellular data carriers, as well as problems related to CGNAT.

Alarm Panel

Allows alarm configuration by group and priority with customizable triggers (disconnected device, data volume traveled, signal level).

Serial Ports Multiplexing

Allows communication of multiple Industrial Serial PLCs installed in the field through a single COM port with Modbus protocol.



Professional and efficient IP addresses' management, with SLA guarantee.


Bridge Manager monitors the connection of your remote devices 24x7 and can generate service availability reports from its carriers.

Variety of

Certified compatibility with modem and router manufacturers, including interface options, WiFi, GPS, Ethernet ports and more.

Geolocation and

Real-time dashboards for viewing devices on the map via the equipment's GPS or manual through the informed position.
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