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Hospital Integration Platform

Technology and ease of system connections

There is a growing demand for managing information in hospital environments from different data sources, a factor that hinders unified communication, increases the load on systems and generates incompatibility between information.

To improve information processing and interoperability, healthcare organizations need to ensure that relevant data is available and synchronized across all hospital systems or across a network of hospitals.

Bridgecare is a platform capable of integrating, in a single central repository, information from different systems and sharing them in various existing formats and protocols, bridging multiple technologies.

The platform also offers important information management services, such as: Database cleaning, Unified Login Service, Terminology, IOT for infrastructure, clinical engineering and equipment, among others.

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Bridgecare Benefits

The variety of existing systems in hospitals and the consequent need for interoperability make point-to-point connections in care and organizational environments impossible. In addition, the volume of information, diversity of protocols and format of communications make it unfeasible for the hospital's IT team to manage.

The problem is aggravated when the health organization has several points and decentralized care bases resulting in multiple registrations and lost information.

The Bridgecare platform offers services that address these issues faced by healthcare organizations in a simple and robust way, optimized for IT processes, improving the quality of the organization's information.

Bridgecare acts as a central repository for all information with support for various communication protocols and the ability to translate messages from major formats into standards used by the industry. In addition, the platform integrates equipment, measurements, and sensors providing visibility and integrated management from clinical engineering to hospital maintenance and management.

Supported Data Formats

  • Web Services (Restful/SOAP)
  • TCP/IP
  • Databases (JDBC)
  • JAVA
  • Files (FTP/Local)
  • Client HTTP 
  • MQTT
  • Active MQ
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Amazon MQ

Supported Clinical Documents

  • XML
  • HTML
  • Binary
  • PDF
  • IHE
  • MDH

Supported Protocols

  • HL7 (V2 & V3)
  • FHIR
  • JSON
  • XML
  • FRL (Fixed Record Length)
  • VRL (Variable Record Length)
  • CSC

Main Features

HIS/LIS/PACS Integration

All electronic medical records, as well as information from laboratory and imaging tests, are connected to the central repository in a hygienic way.

Single Sign-On Service

Bridgecare provides an encrypted security service for single sign-on and user management, simplifying and reducing the cost of managing users across multiple systems with different levels of security. In this way, all employees of the institution receive a unique username and password to identify them regardless of the type of access or system used.

Device Interoperability

Bridgecare offers native integration with any medical equipment using modern transmission protocols like HL7 or even legacy text formats. Through its own technology, the location of the equipment is automatic. All information is transmitted to the central repository for consumption by the institution's other systems.


Bridgecare offers a customizable and parameterizable Terminology Service, with versioning of all technical terms used in the applications, in accordance with the data quality control indicated by the institution.

Database Sanitization

The platform monitors the database against duplicate records, homonyms and information conflicts in a customized way. Through system configuration, the administrator can select intelligent rules for the cleaning service to indicate alarms and attention points for analysis and actions on the portal.

Integrations with Other Systems

The platform is integrated with several other systems, including Telemedicine and Tele-screening, and clinical decision support, allowing the maximization of consultations in a single information environment.

Location and Equipment Configuration

Bridgecare offers automatic configuration service of the equipment associated with the bed without the need for reconfiguration with each internal displacement of the device in the hospital. The system also automatically informs the location for clinical engineering, facilitating the management and technical assistance of these items.


The platform is integrated with several other systems, including Telemedicine and MedKortex® Tele-screening, allowing the maximization of care in a single information environment, regardless of the number of units or geographical distribution of the network.

IIOT Monitoring and Infrastructure

The Bridge family has a tradition in the Industrial Internet of Things and incorporates into Bridgecare the monitoring of equipment, infrastructure or parameters of the institution's quality processes. Intelligent automatic monitoring of water quality, reservoir levels, tank pressures, cylinder loads, medical IT, asset location are just some of the automatic measurements that the system performs to increase the safety and efficiency of the operation. From programmed alarms and operating rules, Bridgecare alerts in real time the problem in any equipment vital to the operation and safety of the hospital.

Biomedical IoT

Through the interoperability of Bridgecare® and experience in industrial applications of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) with Bridgemeter, Above-Net offers an integrated solution of instrumentation, monitoring and communication with infrastructure equipment capable of monitoring and alerting clinical engineering about changes readings of critical parameters for the operation.

Bridgecare® predictively identifies the degradation of the readings of any equipment for preventive action based on the operating condition, avoiding unnecessary expenses in exchanging parts in good condition or the risk of downtime due to lack of maintenance.

Some Bridgecare IoT Monitoring Applications

  • Cold chamber
  • Medical Gas Networks
  • IT Doctor
  • Equipment Location and Tracking
  • Cylinder Battery (Backup reserve)
  • Power management
  • Water Consumption Management
  • Generator Group
  • Medical Air Stations
  • Refrigeration Systems

Maintenance Workflows

Predictive rules and alarms can trigger maintenance workflows for portable equipment with a dynamic checklist of actions and maintenance to be carried out by the team responsible for the team. In according to the response collected on these devices, the system dynamically indicates the next steps to correct the problem according to the workflow defined by the institution.


Bridgecare has a modular architecture capable of meeting growing demands for integrations according to the maturity of each client. Through available modules and connectors, the system can be configured for any type of solution.

Each connector is responsible for receiving, transmitting and transforming information from its original format to the repository or in the opposite direction using Web Services (Restful/SOAP), TCP/IP, FTP, among others. The basic package includes the central repository with management system in Web Interface and three main connectors dedicated to HIS (Hospital Information System), LIS (Laboratory Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) connections, configured according to the set Minimum data required.

The Single Sign-on security module provides a central form of single user authentication via OAuth2 for all integrated systems and platforms with full profile configuration for authenticating application permissions in real time.

Another important module is the terminology service used to standardize terms for integrated applications and defined by the platform's management team.

The next module is intended for connecting equipment capable of capturing, transmitting and storing information in HL7 or even by proprietary protocols for patient equipment measurements, making them available in the central repository for consumption by other systems.

Through this same connector, the platform is able to locate the equipment either by wired or wireless connection, informing clinical engineering about its displacement and automatic association with hospital beds.

The module also offers connection to sensors, control centers and measurement equipment and is capable of capturing parameters of gas systems, fire, water quality, warning against leaks, undue pressure values, allowing to feed the repository with fundamental information to the supply logistics and for the maintenance team with predictive failure analysis of various equipment and systems.

Bridgecare also offers, in all its configurations, a notification system (Dashboard and Email) capable of alerting you in real time about the services and conditions of all the monitoring carried out. Notifications use real-time messaging systems such as STOMP, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ and Amazon MQ. Connectors for integration with Telemedicine and Clinical Decision Support systems are also available and can be added to any package. All information and logs are stored in a database in a scalable AWS structure or on-premises, according to the needs of each client.

Other Features

Installation Flexibility

Whether hosted on AWS Web or on-premises, Bridgecare offers a flexible and scalable cluster-based infrastructure

SSL/TLS Encryption

Available for connections with SSL/TLS encryption whether for sending or receiving information, and can be configured for integrations using TCP/IP, FTP and HTTP protocols.

High Availability

Redundant systems and equipment can ensure high availability for installations of any size, whether on-premises or in the cloud through this
optional service.

Secure Communication

All communication used by Bridgecare supports AES256 or higher communication where possible.

Web Services

The platform offers connection through Web Services by Restful or SOAP.

Equipment Information Collection

This functionality allows the capture of information using any communication protocol, whatever the density or type of parameter, allowing the total
optimization of information in a structured way. Clinical engineering can have instant access to critical data for hospital operations and anticipate critical operational issues.

Unified Authentication

The authentication service is compatible with the strictest levels of security, and allows configuration by profile through the individual selection of actions and read and write permissions in different areas. Through this feature, infinite powers can be configured for different team members with the same security shared by the Single Sign On service with centralized OAuth2 authentication.

Data Logging

All information on operations performed on Bridgecare is recorded and updated with encryption and is available for historical searches through keywords or search selection criteria in the platform's management environment.

Bidirectional Secure Connectors

Bridgecare offers a series of native connectors capable of translating messages by mathematical calculations, logic, interactive or two-way translation tables. Therefore, whatever the application data format, Bridgecare receives and transmits the information, translating it to the standard repository in a safe and reliable way.

Clinical Document Storage

The platform offers multiple clinical document storage standards such as but not limited to XML, HTML, Binary, DICOM, PDF, IHE Profile and Mobile Access to Health documents (MDH).



The Bridgecare repository offers the most complete database of patient records for all integrated systems.

IT Calls

Bridgecare reduces the number of calls through intelligent services of single authentication (Single Sign-On)


Allows centralized access for audits and medical records studies in a unified and structured way of the sanitized patient base.


Bridgemeter IoT has low operational and deployment costs and can be installed in hundreds of points providing access to your company's customers.

Bridgecare Hospital Interoperability

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