Ring Networks for Distribution Centers


Allow robust data communication between several cold stores in a large Distribution Center.


Installation and configuration of industrial switches for forming fiber optic and ethernet ring networks.

A large Refrigerated Distribution Center needed to install a robust data network for communication between the different warehouses of a plant in São Paulo. Through the network, machines were connected and data critical to the operation traveled, therefore redundancy was paramount to guarantee the uninterrupted flow of information and data. The project had specific requirements:

  • Industrial equipment for installation in an environment subject to high temperatures and dust;
  • High-performance ring recovery protocol to ensure reliability and uninterrupted communication;
  • Ability to provide equipment and advanced configuration service;
  • Equipment with Fiber Optic and Ethernet inputs;

Based on the requirements, Above-Net specified models of high-performance industrial switches, with 8 and 16 ports, between Fiber and Ethernet. Fiber was used to connect the redundant ring between the various warehouses, with distances of up to 800m. In each warehouse, the Fiber rings connected to another network, also in a ring, but via Ethernet.

The hardware solution and configuration service was provided by Above-Net and fully approved by the end customer, who today has a stable and reliable network, which allows them to be fully focused on their core business.

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