Traffic Lights Remote Communication


Modernizar infra de rede e permitir comunicação remota com semáforos em diversos pontos do Rio de Janeiro.


Roteadores Celulares e Sistema Bridge Manager para gerenciamento das conexões com o supervisório do cliente.

Our client had a worn out and obsolete RS485 serial network infrastructure with high maintenance costs. I needed a remote communication solution that was robust and reliable enough to control hundreds of traffic lights in certain regions of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The application was critical because, as in any large metropolis, the city could fall into chaos in case of communication failure with the controllers.

Above-Net provided the solution through industrial and resistant cellular routers, allied to the Bridge Manager system, responsible for monitoring and managing connections. This solution allowed transparent communication via the Internet/VPN between the CCO and the traffic light controllers and generated important data for the client on the status of connections, data traffic and signal level.

The products and systems involved in the solution are industrial and prepared for critical operations and large volumes of connections:

- Robustel R3000-L3P – Dual-SIM Cellular Router with 1 Serial port and 1 Ethernet port

- M1000XP – Cellular Modem with Serial Port

- Bridge Manager – Management and monitoring system for cellular connections. Hosted in a redundant data center, it guarantees reliability and robustness for large volumes of connections. In addition to allowing a transparent link between the supervisory and the equipment spread out in the field, it generates data and information about signal level, location, and connection status, among others.

This solution has been in operation for some time and has been replicated by the customer in other cities due to its reliability, high availability, and excellent cost-effectiveness.

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