Robust Tablets in Forklifts


Automate Identification, Addressing, and Product and Pallet Movement processes within Warehouses, via RFID, providing innovative solutions for integration between Embedded Computing in Forklifts, RFID Readers, and WMS for customers.


Robust Tablet and Car Dock, with customized Android image allowing simultaneous connection of the Tablet to the WiFi network and the Ethernet port of the Car Dock.

The Customer was looking for an embedded computing solution on its forklifts for storage and logistics management. The project was developed in partnership with Logos Rastreamento, a tracking and RFID solutions company. The tablets and docks provided by Above-Net should be installed on the forklifts and allow communication with the warehouse's WiFi network, for access to the WMS, and with the external RFID reader via the Ethernet port. However, some prerequisites were essential for the solution to work, including:


- Tablet and Dock should be splash and water-resistant for washing and forklift operation outdoors.

- The set should allow the removal of the tablet for eventual portable use.

- The tablet should be able to simultaneously communicate with the RFID reader via the Ethernet port and with the company's WMS via WiFi.

- The equipment specified for the solution was carefully chosen to meet all the requirements requested by the customer:


Rugged 7-inch Tablet, IP67, Android 4.2, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Camera

Rugged tablet vehicle dock with lock and key, IP54 rating, and integrated USB, Serial, and Ethernet connectors

Despite the specified components fully meeting the project's resistance requirements, there was still a major challenge ahead: Android prioritizes Ethernet port communication over WiFi when both are on. When connecting the RFID reader to the dock's Ethernet port, the tablet's WiFi network was immediately disconnected. In this way, the customer's requirements were not met.


We developed a custom Android image to overcome the barrier of Ethernet communication prioritization and meet the specific needs of the project. Upon delivery of the project, the forklifts were transparently integrated into the WiFi network and RFID readers via the Ethernet port, enabling the increase in productivity and efficiency of the operation desired by the customer.


With in-depth experience in mobile product development and complex systems integration, Above-Net is able to overcome project integration and implementation challenges.

Robust Tablets in Forklifts

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